Mobile Device Enablement

Mobility is the Future of Computing

Mobile technologies present incredible internal and external opportunities for companies, yet many struggle to know how to best adopt them. The mobile landscape is is ever-shifting and evolving. How do you reap the benifits of mobile devices while avoiding the pitfalls? Too many enterprises are lagging behind because they can’t decide how to move forward.

Mobility provides a new platform to enhance productivity and collaboration, allow mobile sales, and provide users access to business information at any time and from any place.

The flood of mobile devices adds a new set of questions to every CIO’s mind. How do you handle mobile security when your employees are carrying confidential information 24×7? Do you let employees bring their own devices to work (BYOD)? Where does your control over the device begin and end? How do you live up to the high standards set by consumer apps? How do you build and test for device diversity?

ITG’s experienced consultants can help you answer these questions and take your business into the mobile age.

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